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Meet Our Consulting Team

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Jason McCormick


I save and strengthen rural healthcare systems by providing advisory and management services. Specifically, I assess organizations to develop a plan to optimize performance then manage projects to completion. My proven approach is to implement within a leadership team an advanced organizational leadership model.

I have worked in rural healthcare for over thirty years.  Over my career I have worked with over 50 organizations from coast to coast.

I have unique tools, talents, and resources that I bring to the table. I typically perform about two to three financial turnarounds a year. I also work with boards and senior leadership teams to establish effective organizational leadership practices or select and implement IT systems. I have an extensive background in construction which enables me to guide an executive team to plan, finance, contract construct and open a replacement facility, renovation or expansion project. I am effective at working with the medical staff, executive team and the board to create higher levels of teamwork. I negotiate contracts with payers and other parties. The list goes on, so I won’t bore you with the details. Let’s have a conversation so that I may learn about your unique circumstance and then I may speak to those specific needs.

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Jake Bishop


Our team: Team
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